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You’ve got dynamite content with a compelling message to convey, but how do you get people to actually read it? Eye-popping graphics are just the start. Successful design should also include logical organization of content in an easy-to-read format.

We have provided high-quality graphic design for all kinds of materials across several industries—from brochures to flyers to presentations to branding books, and all points in between. Our designers know that your marketing materials need to look professional, and they need to express the unique values behind your brand.

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Logo Design: Establishing a New Brand at CANOPY360

Creating a new brand can be very exciting. It can also be extremely challenging. You’re basically trying to capture everything about your business—your offerings, mission, and values—in a single picture.

With CANOPY360, the request was to create a logo that conveyed how they are able to offer several financial services capabilities under one roof while making the idea of financial investment less daunting and more approachable—all with an updated modern design.

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Investment Brochure: Helping Investors Understand Complicated Choices

As the investment landscape seems to grow more and more complicated, Brookstone was looking to help convey how they have simplified the investment process in a reader-friendly way.

Stripping away the stodgy approach of bombarding readers with block text and charts only an analyst could understand, we employed more use of color and simplified graphics so that readers could grasp concepts easily and quickly.

Brookstone Capital Management
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Performance Brochure: Helping Performance Stand Out for Ladenburg Thalman

Looking to update their performance reporting materials and re-fresh their brand at the same time, Ladenburg Thalman requested our input on how we could make their reports more visually appealing.

By employing an entirely new color palette, graphics, and reorganization of performance data, we were able to distill their performance in an easy-to-read manner while providing the investment approach behind the results in a way investors could easily understand.

Ladenburg Thalmann
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